Blockenomy crawlers – fair use.

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Version 1.0 on 5th October 2023

Blockenomy crawlers – fair use.

Below we present information about the crawler solutions used by our company, which search third-party websites in accordance with the principles below.

A family of crawlers named “Blocky-x”, where “x” denotes the number of the crawler used, but each crawler in this family fulfills the following features and obligations:

  • 1. This family is intended for indexing the characteristics of goods in e-commerce stores (without copying the e-store database), for scientific and educational purposes related to attempts to train machine learning/artificial intelligence systems in the scope of the possibility of inferring the attractiveness of goods comparable to social reaction to these goods.
  • 2. This research is intended to be used in the future to potentially build virtual assistants (which has not been decided at the moment), which will be able to help an inexperienced customer in a qualitative comparative assessment of the offered goods, i.e. help the customer decide whether he wants to buy one or maybe more goods at once.
  • 3. Our crawler family only works on websites where the robots.txt file is missing, or if the robots.txt file does not indicate any limitations related to the crawler’s operation in the scope presented on this website.
    • 4. Our crawler family works so as not to overload the servers of the website our crawlers browse. We do not use aggressive indexing.
    • 5. We do not store data from indexed pages, which is copyrighted, we use and store data which is a typical description (like price or a name) and then we turn them into indexes according to our proprietary algorithms without violating copyrights.
    • 6. For indexing purposes in point 5, we only collect data that is not personal data.

    Please contact us for clarification if you have any doubts regarding our above activities.

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