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Come and use blockchain economy & business tokens,
with our advantages:
Hundreds years of collective experience in our team of 15 people.
Everything what business needs to go to the blue ocean of new Web 3.0 blockchain economy.

We support your business trip at blockchain by our high skills, experience, proven models of execution.

Our scope of market advantages:


      • Tokenization of stablecoins and reliable business tokens
      • Specialized blockchain applications, including on demand
      • TokensGate part of Blockenomy acquires additional capital for our stablecoins and all business projects
      • Stablecoins – securing the value of fiat money in blockchain, simple using like currencies
    • 24/7 ONLINE
      • Better access to the decentralized market of the blockchain assets
      • Access to our stablecoins and business tokens – an effective return on investment in the world of blockchain
          • Loyalty provides continuous income  
          • CONSULTING
            • Business, scientific and engineering benchmark for existing or planned startups and blockchain projects
            • Assessment/preparation of tokens for being securities or utility
          • MANAGEMENT

            • Optimization of existing projects, permanent, incidental or crisis management of “problem having” projects
            • Marketing of projects in the blockchain community


            Don't worry about safe management and operation of your Own Investment Token. We provide everything what is needed to make the business as safe and efficient venture. Many internal procedures including IT security and controlling the cash flow.

            Constant monitoring

            We are transparent to the borders. We show daily reports and, in addition, we perform a quarterly audit by a selected, experienced external entity, through a competition involving the selection of the auditor is chosen by you as the owner of your own Business Tokens.

            Legal aspects

            You can legally issue and sell your tokens publicly via Blockenomy in Europe. We help you to with all legal aspects - then you can also offer it throughout EU.

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