Digital assets, creation & exchanging. We are professionals in this area. We started several years ago as laboratory work as biSEC-BlockCore - defined in the Let's Fintech PKO BP (the largest commercial bank in Poland) program as one of the 100 most important projects changing Poland's banking).

BE on the decentralized value market. We are one of the leading European teams in the field of applying blockchain technology to the real needs of the market. We are successively heading towards European wave of blockchain revolution. Come and and make finance & business with us.

Safe Business

In Blockenomy we use and promote business tokenizations which is reliable, perspective, but not regulated. It means it is not STO (Security Token Offerings). We use the jurisdiction of Poland, EU for our and your business projects to be tokenized and fully comply with your ideas and your community, still being fully legal at tokenization in Europe.


Tokenization, which is the way of activity on startup markets in the Europe after new regulations, enables you to promote and expand your business worldwide. Your tokens can be used in market transactions abroad, in establishing smart contracts, self-realizing agreements, as well as in multiple and foreign transfers with a reduced fee.


Blockchain creates a permanent, decentralized, global, trustless ledger of records, i.e. it once something it stored on it, it cannot be changed or deleted, there is no single point-of-failure, it is accessible from anywhere on the internet, and it does not require a trusted 3rd party for securely conducting transactions.

* Crypto and virtual assets :: Exchanging :: DEX :: P2P, OTC and Liquidity pools *

Hybrid solutions of linking the traditional financial activity with the blockchain economy.
Blockchain allows you to use such transactions, which give 100% of 24/7 of their implementation-unlike the classic systems.
Your business strategy & efficiency always go where they should be.


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