BlockCore for China

What Is 51GoShanghai?

The project 51GoShanghai.com – a specially designed accelerator of innovative and technological European companies to connect the process of tokenization with expansion to China.

By tokenization we can:

  • prepare an IPO and ICO (combined) process, helping as an agency, accelerator and partner-in-business
  • serve change management concerning entry of Your product into blockchain
  • reconstruct and prepare business model adaptation with advanced project management concerning blockchain environment and reality
  • help in assets backing in blockchain with full integration of services into blockchain, not only IT-based project but also R&D projects from industry

What is unique, we combine the process of IPO and ICO (model is designed individually per business), adding a third step of scaling the company through its roll-out to the Chinese market. We do all that  by using contacts in the financial center of the Mainland – Shanghai city. The aim is to support such companies with a focus on ultra-modern technology industries.

We focus mainly on European innovators and, after a successful IPO/ICO process, craft a joint venture with Chinese partners (that operate in Shanghai) in order to enter the huge market of Mainland.